Hi. I’m Shannon. 

Typical creative-type, perfectionist, reformed procrastinator.

In addition to 10+ years of graphic design experience, I have also worked in non-profit management, business administration and am currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of a family of five. Turns out, it helps to know both the business side and the design side of things. No matter what hat I am wearing, design and creativity are always a part of the job.


I started this business in 2009. Although it has been “re-imagined” a few times, the same values and principles have remained steadfast. When it comes to clients, it starts with relationships, be kind. When it comes to design, it starts with a good concept (and exploring lots of options!)

As mentioned above, design is officially a second career for me, although I have been designing since 1990. I firmly believe that experience in the corporate world is as valuable to my success as my design degree is. I understand what corporate teams, non-profit boards and committees look like and how they operate, so I can meet you where you are. And I look forward to meeting you soon!